Election Reflection

It’s not news that our country is undergoing a stressful transition with people more polarized in their convictions than I’ve ever seen before.  Many individuals are downright depressed as they experience divisions within their families and with their friends as well. Ruminating over things that we can’t control will cause that kind of despair.

arguing-parents610px 2
I know that whenever change occurs, regardless of whether it’s perceived as desirable or not, there will always be a period of adjustment.

To offset the disruption, healthy minds look forward and ask questions such as, “What happened, what do I want, what are my choices, what can I do next?”  They stay informed, flexible, and alert, which is helpful when planning next steps.

As a parent, knowing that your child is observing and learning from your every move, I think it’s an especially important time to define and re-enforce your family values, which may include respect for other’s opinions, learning, and honesty.  Identify what your family stands for and model it consistently.

The Women’s March was a powerful expression for many.  Think about what you can do.  To alleviate stress and make a difference, think forward constructively and positively.

Apropos positive involvement, I was reminded of an amazing program that has been going on for years at the White House where they receive about 10,000 letters/day! Every day a group of dedicated people made up of professionals, interns, and volunteers actually pour through each piece of mail from which they select 10 to forward to the President.  Apparently President Obama was in the habit of reading his 10 letters at the end of each day.
Obama Ltr
In 2012 I sent The First Lady, Michele Obama a letter concerning the job of raising her two daughters because I knew it was on her mind. Lo and behold I received a reply from President Obama.  My letter was read, considered, and responded to!


This was one way of contributing in a positive way.  I’m grateful for a country where I can participate.  I hope you too enjoy the fruits of being a free US citizen and give consideration to what you want, what your options are, and what is and is not possible. It’s a liberating feeling.