Candace Brindley, Certified Relationship Coach

Candace Brindley, Certified Family Life CoachCandace’s true passion is supporting people in the process of facing everyday struggles in their personal relationships.  Her broader goal is to make a contribution to the mental health and happiness in the world … through building authentic, respectful, loving relationships!

Parents are in a unique and powerful position to change the world through their relationships with their kids.  She loves helping parents prepare for the transition from the first 10 years of life to adolescence, a time when new skills and a new approach can keep the relationship strong and the train on the tracks.

With greater understanding and a new approach, parents grow in their ability to raise young adults who have the grit and courage to thrive and succeed.

Candace also coaches Singles who are struggling to find love in today’s world of gender equality where male and female roles are no longer crisply defined.  People wonder, “Who is responsible for what?”  She helps Singles make sense of the blurred lines and how they affect romantic relationships today so that they can succeed at romance and lasting love.

After graduating from Drake University, marriage and work paved the way for a very adventurous time in her life.  For the next 15 years she pursued careers in banking, design, and teaching in Austria, New York, and Hong Kong.  When she returned to the US, she settled in Connecticut.  Throughout those years she also gained invaluable experience as a mom to two sons, a step-mom to a young girl, and, more recently, a mother-in-law and grandma.

At around the time of experiencing the shock of an ‘empty nest’, Candace began her training as a Relationship Coach.

Candace’s coaching qualifications include:

  • Dr. David Steele’s The Relationship Coaching Institute in CA.  His training and programs introduced Candace to the greatest minds in the field of relationship building and psychology.  She received certification as a Master Relationship Coach.
  • Diana Sterling and The Academy of Family Coach Training – one year of additional coach training that focused on family coaching, especially parents of teens. She received certification as a Family Life Coach.

Candace can be reached at or (203) 247-4613.