Family Life Coaching

Family Life Coaching is for everyone who wants to be more real, more effective, and more loving in their personal relationships. It supports people to take charge of their lives.

There’s no special requirement other than showing up and keeping your commitment to the session and what it is you want to focus on.

As an alternative to traditional therapy, which assumes the client needs healing and focuses on past events, Family Life Coaching recognizes each person as whole and healthy. The focus is on personal growth, solving problems, taking action, and building an ever-brighter future.

Recognizing that every part of our life affects every other part, we see how the strength of our choices and depth of our understanding can impact life at home as well as at work. Feeling whole and alive is the goal of Family Life Coaching.

Family Life Coaching is for people who feel stuck in any area of life and want to free themselves to move on to greater happiness and peace.  When people neglect parts of their lives or carry old beliefs forward that don’t work anymore, issues often emerge that are painful.

Ask yourself …

  • Are you showing your kids the love you feel for them or are you in constant turmoil?
  • Do you argue with your spouse over your different parenting approaches?
  • Are you struggling with your role as a stepparent?
  • Are you approaching an empty nest but the idea of ‘letting go’ makes you sick?
  • Are you single and tired of searching?

There are so many ways that we unwittingly live smaller lives than we dream of for our families and ourselves.

Getting ‘unstuck’ begins with your recognition that the time is now.

To start the coaching process, call me or email me.  We’ll talk and know very quickly if our partnership will be a good one.  Together, we can make you more happy and successful than you ever dreamed possible!

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