Family Transitions

Status quo is nice and predictable, but we’re not truly ALIVE unless we’re open to risk and change at times. Life seems to insist on change for us to grow and be happy.

As much as we resist, change does open new doors for people to explore and experience!

In coaching we open the doors together, reflect on what you do and don’t want, and begin to prepare for tomorrow.

Here are some typical family transitions that coaching supports:

  • Marriage – time to explore life together, your needs, your dreams, and how to create a lasting, romantic relationship
  • Divorce – an opportunity to reflect, find closure, and begin again
  • Career Change – support to navigate the maze of opportunities with your skills, interests, and passion
  • Empty Nest – a chance to acknowledge yourself for raising your children and consider the FUTURE YOU
  • Step-parenting – time to anticipate your new role, balancing boundaries and expectations
  • In-Law – a rare opportunity to practice being the welcomed, not the stereo-typed, ‘dreaded’ in-law
  • Grand-parenting – a look at how to BE in this glorious, long-awaited role

And yes, this just skims the surface of the changes we face!

Each one of these represents a WORLD OF CHOICES that you either address or leave on the table.  And each decision NOT made is itself a decision… with consequences.

With Family Life Coaching, you earmark the time to DELIBERATELY THINK AND PLAN creating options and opportunities that help you succeed, find happiness, and fulfillment.

Family transitions trigger fears in all of us one minute and reveal new possibilities the next.

Family Life Coaching supports you to confront your fears and move forward with commitment and confidence.

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