Finding Love


Are you longing to be deeply in love and building a future with one special person, but

  • You’ve given up hope believing that finding love is impossible in this world.
  • You feel overwhelmed at the prospect of dating again.
  • You always wind up with the wrong partner.
  • You’re widowed or divorced and are feeling out of touch with the new model for love and dating.

The world of love and commitment has changed!

People want to find love fast … and they want a partner who will fit for a lifetime.

With Coaching you’ll explore the process of  finding your ideal partner by:

  • Identifying your specific needs
  • Finding the partner who’s perfect for YOU
  • Figuring out how to avoid repeating old patterns that continually sabotage your best efforts
  • Learning WHERE to find your ideal partner.
  • Discovering the 14 Dating Traps that seduce all unsuspecting daters into lost time and heartbreak
  • Facing entrenched beliefs that consistently keep you from love
  • Learning how to build trust and intimacy
  • Gaining insight into how to be irresistible
  • Becoming creative about how to keep the spark alive

Being RELATIONSHIP SAVVY ensures that you marry the right person for YOU, consistently grow your marriage, parent your kids to thrive in today’s world, and feel fulfilled in your career.

This is the new emotional intelligence. 

Being stuck on the sidelines hand wringing and feeling defeated is unacceptable!

Be brave!  Invest in yourself and invest in LOVE.  

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