Parenting Teens

Do you have teens in your life?parenting-teens
Are you blown away by the changes you see everyday?
Do you worry about how to compete with screen time?
Are you bracing yourself for each new year?

Families can get ROCKED with a teenager in the house! And parents can get caught off guard not knowing how to respond to this new version of their sweet, obedient child.

When it happens, it comes as a shock.  Power struggles ensue leaving parents with little or no influence.

Once a child gets a taste of their newfound independence, it takes special tools and understanding to stay connected to them.  In fact YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM is the ONLY thing that keeps them from the many hazards that show up along the way.

Parenting your teen may be THE single greatest challenge of your lifetime, but it doesn’t have to be scary and certainly doesn’t have to end badly!

I help parents deal with the RAW AND REAL CONCERNS of crossing the threshold into adolescence and beyond.

The TWO MOST ALIENATING APPROACHES a parent can take are:

  1. Being overprotective and micro-managing their kid’s lives and
  2. Looking the other way and hoping for the best.

So if neither hovering nor permissiveness work, where is the sweet spot of effective parenting?

That is the very subject of Parent Coaching!  You learn what your teen needs most from you and how to be there for them so that they thrive – now and into the future.  Believe it or not, through all of this, you actually have a peaceful happy home.  And, best of all, when you move your child into the freshman dorm, you KNOW you’ve done everything needed to equip them for a great life.

Don’t wait for this to happen to realize it’s time for a new approach!

  • Power struggles over EVERYTHING
  • Disrespectful communication
  • Feeling frustrated and extremely stressed
  • Kids are silent and shut down
  • Family turmoil – arguments over parenting

These issues are the red flags for immediate help.

  • Teen Promiscuity
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Bullying
  • Self-harming behaviors

Family Life Coaching helps parents build strong and healthy relationships that literally save their kids! There is no do-over! These years are their final preparation for life.

PARENT COACHES have kids who:

  • DO THE RIGHT THING when parents aren’t there
  • FULLY ENGAGE in school
  • STEER CLEAR of destructive influences
  • DEAL WITH the pressures of the digital world
  • RESIST their impulse response
  • LESSEN anxiety and stress as it appears in their lives
  • OPTIMIZE these critical, foundational years when a ‘do-over’ is not an option

The regular messages you give your kids during this peak window of growth live on for generations. YOUR MESSAGES ARE CRITICAL!

Reach out to me TODAY for a free, coaching consultation to discuss one of your areas of concern!