Relationship Problems


Are you worried about your marriage?

Do you feel invisible, angry, resentful, or lonely in your relationship? Are you having trouble expressing your needs and feeling heard?

The pain of feeling unloved in a relationship manifests itself in so many ways; it becomes difficult to even breathe. It’s impossible to ignore.

We can only keep going just so long feeling alone in an important relationship before turning to some form of escape or feeling lonely and depressed.

Coaching is not therapy.  It offers healthy people a chance to practice and fine-tune their communication and relationship skills – emotional intelligence that carries over to all aspects of their lives – so that, in this case, they’re able to recover their intimacy and love.

Competence in relationship and communication skills becomes increasingly important as time goes by. Hardships, raising kids, and just getting older all take a toll and stress our relationships.

But, when people make even the slightest upgrade in their approach, attitude, and communication style, they’re amazed at how quickly their relationship seems refreshed and new again.  There are literally hundreds of exercises that give people new ways to understand and appreciate each other.

Couples who practice skills such as these love the results and in most cases find that they will ease the relationship problems over time!

  • Replacing complaining with requesting a change
  • Willingness to take responsibility for their part in the relationship
  • Learning to voice their needs and considering ways they might be met
  • Learning how to manage differences
  • Practice in resolving conflict
  • Learning ways to nurture love and intimacy – support we all need!

Oh, we can’t forget this… One major issue that can really undo a marriage is money! Compatibility in the area of money is one of the most important drivers of a successful relationship, but it’s so difficult to talk about.

Enter coaching … I use a game, yes, a GAME! to unravel this difficult subject between couples.  The results of playing the game reveal you and your partner’s financial personality, thereby opening the door to discussion, planning, or even change.

There’s no right or wrong, no reason for blame or judgment.  It just offers a picture of you and money, which often comes as a surprise to people.  The benefit of playing the game is that when you know your personality with money, you can talk about it, plan, and / or change it.

This game is famously used in all sorts of settings such as in the military and in universities to help demystify people’s habits with money.

Across the board, coaching invites the most powerful insights into your own understanding, love, and intimacy.

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